Art and Cartooning

I have been doodling and drawing ever since I could hold a pencil, and have always used art as my way to unwind, meditate and interpret the world. I grew up idolizing and attempting to imitate the precise and geometrically intricate drawings of M. C. Escher and bizarre surrealist dreamscapes of Salvador Dalí and René Magritte, later finding further inspiration in Marc Chagall‘s and Chuck Close‘s work with color and form.

However, as anybody who knows me will tell you, I also love good jokes, cartoons, puns and gags — as a kid I used to inhale Calvin and Hobbes books whole and dive deep into Gary Larson collections. I decided to try my hand at cartooning in high school, contributed art and cartoons to the Stanford Daily while I was in college, and now post content to eric.kofman on Instagram. I’m crossing my fingers that some day one of my doodles will make a cartoon editor at the New Yorker chuckle enough that they accept my work into those hallowed pages. Life goals in case science doesn’t work out.

I’m always open to suggestions for cartoons, as well as opportunities to collaborate as an illustrator on any projects you might be working on.

Follow my Instagram account at eric.kofman for more art and cartoons.



The majority of these were done in acrylic.